RealMe Watch launches touchscreen support from RealMe!

RealMe Watch launches touchscreen support from RealMe!


Yes, China’s most popular smartphone maker, RealMe Variant, is known for smartphones. Boom gained popularity shortly after it entered the market. It is also expanding its dominance in the smartwatch sector. It has just released its new model, RealMe Watch. What is the uniqueness and design of the current release of RealMe Watch?

Technology is very advanced in today’s world. As technology continues, everything is becoming smart. As you all know, the smartwatch market has been seeing a lot of smartwatches in the recent past. Although many companies already have smartwatches available, consumers only choose their favorite smartwatches. RealMe is now known for introducing some of the best smartwatches in the world and has now introduced another new type of smartwatch.

RealMe Smart Watch

RealMe has expanded its dominance in the Internet of Things, market by launching its most niche RealMe watch. The smartwatch has touchscreen support and a 1.4-inch display with 320×320 pixel resolution capability. Additionally, the smartwatch features a 2.5D curved glass color display, including a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display. The smartwatch also has a three-axis accelerator and PPG sensor.

The smartwatch now supports 20mm removable wrist straps. Additionally, it has an IP68-certified structure that is dust and water-resistant.

Currently, the RealMe Watch comes in all 12 models. However, the company is set to offer over 100 new models of watch designs with an over-the-air update in the near future.

The RealMe smartwatch features a photoplay thermogram sensor and features 14 new sports modes. It also performs heart rate monitoring. It monitors the real-time heart rate through a built-in PPG sensor to record heart rate every five minutes. In addition, SpO2 monitoring is also provided for users to know their blood oxygen levels.

The smartwatch has a battery pack of 160 mAh. There is also a power-saving mode of up to 20 days for single charging. Other connectivity options include Bluetooth v 5.0 and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The entry price of RealMe Watch for the current market price is 3,999. Rs. The smartwatch will be available for purchase on Flipkart and the RealMe website on June 5th. The smartwatch is available in red, blue, and green options.

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