Google Ads alternatives 2020, best google ads alternative.

Google Ads alternatives 2020, best google ads alternative.

best google ads alternative.  I hope you guys will be awesome. Today in this article I will try to provide you the best Adsense Alternative ads networks if your Google Adsense was not Approving then try for this Best ad networks for your website or blog. which is the paying rate is quite high.

1. PopAds

PopAds is a leading advertising network and ad publishing service. It is a direct alternative to Google AdSense and is a high paying solution. You can accept your account at any time and start publishing ads on your website.
All of their ads are optimized to load quickly and efficiently. Thousands of publishers prefer PopAds for their unique payment criteria. If you hit the minimum $ 5 / day goal they pay daily.

2. Viewdeos

With ViewDios, you can access Digital Advertising, another lucrative facet of video advertising. Through the ViewDios video advertising network, you can gain access to the premium video advertising list. You can also create a video list with your content and increase user engagement and page views.
Videos helps publishers increase their ad revenue by monitoring best-performing ads and increasing engagement with better targeted native video ads. also read this: Top 4 best google AdSense alternatives in 2020.

3. AdBuff

AdBuff is an AdSense-like ad network that connects you with advertisers. It has a real-time dashboard to monitor your income status so you can manage your ads properly. The account manager allows you to review the performance of the ad and help you optimize it for better results.
All of their ads are family-friendly and protected from harmful content. It is affiliated with leading advertising agencies to increase your revenue. AdBuff pays you earnings on a net basis of $ 45.

4. HilltopAds

It is an advertising network of publishers who run a medium or high traffic website. They help website owners to save money that is often lost due to ad-blocking software installed on web browsers. The network allows publishers to submit more than one website to earn money. It is worth checking out the current HilltopAds CPM rates if you plan to work with this platform.


Brightcom Media is committed to meeting the needs of all publishers. They advise publishers on inventory decisions, content optimization, and more to increase their advertising revenue.
Publishers are gaining access to a multi-channel marketing platform where brand security is essential. If you are looking for trusted partnerships, trusted lists, and programmatic solutions on a global scale, Brightcom is for you.
In addition, they offer 100% fill rates, access to premium brands, a long list of ad units, and competitive CPMs with a dedicated account manager.


Primis is another ad network that focuses on video ads and takes pride in delivering them to consumers at the right time. They focus on delivering great customer experience and increasing RPMs.
While they recommend additional videos to increase distribution, they utilize a fully customizable view of native video ads to fit any ad unit size. Through context matching, artificial intelligence, and audience targeting, videos from the Premise Video Library are selected to serve the most relevant video ads. also read this: Google Adsense Alternative.

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