Twitter fleets for Indian Twitter users!

Twitter launches Twitter fleets for Indian Twitter users!

The world of social media Twitter is becoming more and more popular in the world as technology advances. You are informed that the new social media world has been unveiled. Not only the youth of today but all the age groups are also active in social media. So much so that social media has grown in popularity. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have gained popularity in social media apps. Twitter has also expanded its popularity around the world.

Yes, Twitter, one of the most popular social media apps, is introducing new features to suit the wishes of its users. Twitter is now testing fleets in India, in an effort to make it easier to have new conversations with less pressure and more control. Tweets made by this type of fleet disappear in 24 hours. And retweets, likes and all are black. The new features are now introduced to Twitter users in India. What’s so special about it.

What’s the use of these features?

As you all know, Twitter is a great platform to churn out current ideas. But, tweets are public, and beyond tweets and direct messages, people can have new conversations with less stress and more control, using your fleeting thoughts as a new way to start conversations without any likes and retweets, public replies, and eternity. also read this: Mitron App Returning to Google Play Store.

In addition, the introduction of fleets to India can change the way people in India interact on Twitter to have a conversation on Twitter. Changes in the way public tweeting or discussing public issues can be seen. Furthermore, if people think something is a violation of Twitter‘s rules, they can report it.

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