Facebook Messenger Introduces Screen Sharing on Smartphone!

Facebook has already introduced Screen Sharing Features in Facebook Messenger which have already introduced many features to its users. Screen sharing features can only be found in video conferencing applications. But it is not available in personal video calling applications. But Facebook has now updated its messenger video calling services and introduced screen sharing features.

Yes, Facebook has introduced Screen Sharing features when calling video on its Messenger. Facebook Messenger, currently on desktop, has the ability to share screen sharing for only a short period of time. But now Screen Sharing Fixtures has been introduced in Facebook Messenger. It was introduced in beta version several months ago. The service is now available for all Facebook users in mobile apps.

Screen Sharing Features are now available on Facebook Messenger. These features work on how you expect them to. But if you want to expose the “share your screen” option you can simply share your screen by simply swiping in Messenger Call. These features will be available for one-on-one video calls and group calls with up to 8 people or rooms with 16 people. Facebook has now made rooms available on the desktop available for screen sharing. also read this: Youtube launches a 1080p video streaming service in India.

To make sure you are sharing your screen now, you need to do two massive authentications. Then once it is launched, you can view it directly on your phone’s screen. Screen sharing fixtures are useful in non-work related video calls for several reasons. You can open your camera roll for this. You can also display your latest photos.

And this screen messenger introduced by Facebook Messenger will be useful when you are chatting on your website. Also, someone may need some technical help, and looking at their screen will also make it easier to explain what to do. Facebook says it will be launching these features on Android and iOS devices in the near future.

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