How to Download PubG game without internet connection.

How to Download PubG game without internet connection, Online gaming has become the most popular in this period. The influence of online gaming on young people today has caught the minds of young people. In particular, gaming, such as the PUBG mobile game, is one of today’s young people’s favorite online gaming. Since the start of COVID-19, young people who have been living at home have come here to spend their time online. Not only PUBG but other online games have become quite popular.

Yes, online games have become so popular that they became even more popular during COVID-19. there is a download size of online games. In particular, the PUBG mobile download size is 1.8GB. You need the Internet in this situation. But if the Internet does not exist, then Atira need not worry. How to Download Online Games like PubG without Internet Data.

If you’re using WiFi in your home and limited data on your smartphone and you want to download a PBG game, don’t worry if you don’t have enough data to download the game. You have an easy way to download and install games on your smartphone without using any internet data. This is the hack app that lets you play games without using any internet data. Also, this hack only works for Android phones. So here’s how you can download PUBG using this hack.

Step 1: Download and install the file share app, such as files from Google or Superbeam. Then your friends should also have a file share app that you downloaded on their phone.

Step 2 Now share and install the PUBG Mobile Game or any other online game’s APK file from your friend’s device to your phone.

Step 3 After installing it, open the app and try to find the files online in the local folders on your smartphone.

Step 4 Close the folder after you see the online files in the folder.

Step 5: Then use your friend’s phone to transfer the ob files to your device.

Step 6 Now go to the files to find these in your device, click Android and then click on the folder.

Step 7 Then open the folder titled ‘com.tencent.ig’ and select the main.11460.comtencent.ig.obb file and send it to your phone. Depending on the updated version of the game your friend has, this file name will change.

Step: After transferring the 8Ab files, you will need to move the “com.tencent.ig” folder to your smartphone.

Step 9 Now go to your file manager and change the ob data and game folder you transferred from your friend’s phone.

Step: 10 Open PUBG Mobile Now and set the game now by giving the necessary permissions and login

If you follow these steps progressively, you will be able to download the PBG game without the Internet.

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