Microsoft Launcher Dark Mode Available on Android.

Microsoft Launcher, Software giant Microsoft has released a new version of its Microsoft Launcher. After testing several different beta versions, Microsoft has finally introduced a stable version of Launcher V6.0. According to the current company, this version includes some improvements to the application’s interface and performance. As you all know, the first version of Microsoft Launcher was released in 2017, and now it has a new update and will be available on a newer version of Android devices.

Yes, the Microsoft Launcher will be available in the new update. Microsoft Launcher V6.0 has introduced a new icon in its app for Android devices. Also in this new update, Dark Mode and Bing based features will display a different background every day. It will also support the use of new features and horizontal positioning for customizable icons. So read this post about what Microsoft Launcher V6.0 is all about.

With the launch of the new update of Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft Launcher Dark Mode will be available on Android today. In addition, the performance of the new model has been improved with the Microsoft Launcher. And with the support of custom icons, users can now set custom icon packs and compatible icons for their smartphones.

Microsoft Launcher V6.0 has been introduced for Android devices. It can be Google Playstore. But it requires the support of Android 7.0 OS or higher. Replaces the standard Android Launcher as needed. However, it is compatible with Microsoft applications. In addition, users can configure Launcher on Android with the same calendar or annotation apps as on PC.

Moreover, the dark theme introduced with this version is compatible with Android’s Dark Mode. The update also claims that Microsoft Launcher consumes less memory and battery power. With the release of version 6, Microsoft has also prepared for the release of the Surface Duo. The device is expected to be released by the end of 2020, with a dual-screen and Android operating system.

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