Youtube launches a 1080p video streaming service in India.

Youtube launches a 1080p video streaming service in India.

Youtube is one of the most popular social media apps, recognized by its video streaming service. Youtube is the user’s favorite video streaming app that has introduced many new features on its platform. As you all know, nowadays YouTube has set its video streaming maximum to 480p. Just activated it again to 1080p.

Yes, video streaming resolution capability on Youtube was set at 480p last March 2020. YouTube has been limited to 480p to deal with the sudden increase in Internet traffic since the Coronavirus effect was locked down in the country from March 21. This limited the streaming quality of videos on its platform to a lower standard. But now, finally, the company has lifted the restriction.

You may have noticed that over the past few months, YouTube’s video streaming resolution has been limited to 480p. Last year, the country was hit by a coronavirus virus lockdown. This made it possible for all the locals to spend time at home. As a result, Internet usage was heavily dependent on the YouTube streaming service, which caused the network traffic to be too weak for the video streaming service. This is why Youtube took this kind of restraint.

With this move, one can only watch videos at 480p resolution on YouTube. Now YouTube has finally let the 1080p option back three months later. The YouTube app on Android and iOS devices now allows users to switch between 1080p and 480p. However, this service is only available if your device has Wi-Fi network connectivity.

The streaming quality of mobile data is still limited to 480p. This update comes in the form of a server switch, so you don’t have to update your YouTube app. Currently, visible differences between 480p and 1080p can be observed, especially in gaming videos that offer content at 60fps, but are better viewed at 720p or 1080p.

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