WhatsApp introduced another attractive feature for users

WhatsApp introduced another attractive feature for users, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. WhatsApp has been identified as the user’s favourite instant messaging app.

Already Introduced Many New Features WhatsApp has now introduced Advanced Features for beta users on Android. These features have been tested over the last few months. It was first introduced to iOS users.

Yes, WhatsApp has just introduced Advanced Features in Android Beta Version as reported a few days ago. As the name suggests, this feature makes it easy to search files on WhatsApp. Messages can only be searched based on images. It will also allow you to search various media divisions and files shared on WhatsApp at once. So let’s find out what’s special about these features.

WhatsApp introduced in its beta version, the update search features are not currently available to all users. But Android users in WhatsApp’s beta program can start using it. Users can use these new features in the WhatsApp application. The features are now turned on as The default. This is what you see when you select Tools in the Search at the top of the app.

When this feature is selected, a drop-down menu with various options including photos, videos, links, GIFs, audio and documents will appear. You can tap any of the options to find a specific item or you can type it in the search box. Now when you type in the search box, the related photos and videos will be available along with search reset chats.

In addition, selecting any options will show you all the information shared by that particular file on WhatsApp. If you select photos, you can find all the photos sent and received on WhatsApp. You can also type in this search box. There is also the option to switch to Grid View, which shows chats with photos, videos or GIFs.

These new search features on WhatsApp are very useful, especially if you are collecting enough data in the app. Although it is no longer available to all Android users on WhatsApp, it will be available to everyone soon as it is available in beta version.

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